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This guild charter should be read and understood by all members. If there are any questions, they should be directed to an officer or the guild master. This charter is binding & must be heeded with no exceptions.

Mission Statement

The Einherjar is a casual World of Warcraft guild on the Nordrassil server. We are primarily an adult guild which is built on the basis of having fun, forging strong friendships and camaraderie through communication and questing together. We have an open door policy in this guild. If it is your wish to stay in this guild only until your character reaches a certain level, you are free to do that and we wish you all the best with your future endeavors. Please note we are NOT a raiding guild.

Code of Conduct

- Treat everyone with respect regardless of whether they are in the guild or not. Remember you represent our guild!

- Offensive, rude, sexist, obscene, racist & insulting language towards anyone is not permitted.

- We want you to have fun but please be considerate of the younger members of our guild and tailor your language accordingly. When in doubt of the age of guildies, err on the side of caution and courtesy.

- The aim is to foster a positive environment within the guild. As such, all players regardless of age should conduct themselves in a mature manner.

- Although we try to avoid profanity in guild chat, we understand that it sometimes happens; however, such profanity should never be directed at another player.

- If you indulge in hate or hate speech we don’t want/need you in The Einherjar.

- Guildies should ONLY withdraw items from the bank that are appropriate for their current level. Withdrawing items for the sole purpose of selling to vendors or at the Auction House is NOT permitted. Withdrawing for alts WITHIN the guild is allowed but please be reasonable about this. Higher level green items and blue, purple etc. items will be placed in the officer's tab. See an officer or the GM to request items that you need.

- Should you violate this charter, an officer or guild master will discuss the matter with you privately and give you a warning. If you repeat this behavior, you will be removed from the guild.

Application Process
- If interested, please whisper Elvwyr in game or send in game mail and she will arrange an interview.

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