Thursday, October 23, 2008

Being Friendly

Hey folks kinda new at this sort of thing so ill mostly be reading an responding, but i am here an i will be seeing whats going on in everyones world so to speak so dont talk about me to bad, lol jk see you guys in the game hit me up for help if ya need it..... Also Sis i know you got this started more then likely -Good Job

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Elvwyr said...

Thanks bro for starting this thread. Yep I started this because we needed a place to keep our charter and also because it'll be nice to get to know each other. Finally, it allows us to blog about dungeons/quests we want to schedule so the rest of us can sign up for them so to speak.

As for introductions. Let me get the ball rolling and please don't feel obligated to share information if you don't want to.

I'm finishing off a Masters Degree in Classical singing here in MD. Arcanum, my hubbie and I live close to Washington DC. I've also sung professionally in church choirs for 6 years. I apologize beforehand if I seem clueless about rock/popular music titles because I like some of it but can never remember their titles. Now if you want me to name you a classical tune that you hum to me, I can probably identify it.
I've been a graduate student for the past 8 years in some form or the other.

I've played WoW for between a year and a half to two years. I can't exactly remember when Arc and I first started playing. Any of you played since Beta? Elv is my first level 70. Basically the first year of playing was extensively causally for both of us due to school and work commitments.

Favourite Food (bRitish schooling): Seafood, Sushi, Thai, French Fries, Korean, Japanese, Chinese especially Dim Sum, Mussels (oops that is seafood lol)

Sorry this is so random. If you guys have any questions for me, I will most probably answer it. See you all in game and don't hesitate to ask for company or help if you want to. Hope to hear from more of you.

Oh and I turn 31 on Sunday. Only fair to reveal this since I ask the initiates for their ages. See ya!